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Our highly qualified team of experts also provide our clients with business setup, accounting and administration outsourcing services. Just discuss your needs with us for customized total solutions!

Why is PayRite Payroll service your best choice?

We deliver unmatched payroll expertise. 
As a leading Macau payroll service provider, we know the ever-changing tax rules and regulations.  Our PayRite payroll experts will ensure that all regulations and filings are adhered to and meet Macau government guidelines.

We employ a “dream-team” of seasoned professionals with the best credentials.
Our PayRite team includes qualified Macau and overseas accountants, providing our clients professional services of the highest standard.

We are an established Macau provider. 
Our PayRite service is based in Macau.  This gives us unrivaled access to and understanding of Macau payroll policies. We are able to provide direct, personal service to you and your employees.

We provide substantial cost savings.
We understand one of your main objectives in outsourcing payroll processing is to eliminate direct and indirect costs that adversely affect your bottom-line. Our PayRite packages and fee structures are affordably priced for businesses of all sizes.

We believe in avoiding surprises by clearly defining our service and implementation strategy. 
We don’t make promises we can’t keep. Our formal Service Level Agreement and Implementation Strategy is reviewed and approved by you before any work is started. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are getting exactly what you pay for, with no hidden fees.

We are 100% committed to accuracy. 
Payroll mistakes can harm your reputation and  upset your employees and investors.   PayRite payroll experts understand the importance of accuracy in payroll processing. We do it right the first time, every time.

We have the speed you need. 
Our vast technical resources and extensive experience mean we can process even the most complex payroll at lightning-fast speed.

We deliver concise, easy-to-understand reports. 
Effectively manage your payroll expenditures with helpful monthly reports detailing all accounting transactions and employee pay information.

We protect your confidentiality. 
With PayRite service, confidential payroll data is calculated and securely stored off-site, so you can rest assured sensitive information stays private.  Avoid costly and damaging exposure with a service provider you can trust.

We go the extra mile with value added services. 
Our PayRite experts are ready and willing to answer any inquiries and find solutions to any challenges you are facing.  Just ask!